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Threeway with Cliff Jensen, Cole Streets, Conner Habib @ NAKEDSWORD.COM



Cliff Jensen and Cole Streets hit a porno shop to see what they can pick up. They spot Conner Habib cruisin’ them and quickly head his way. Conner’s been hankerin’ for hunky seamen and guzzles their dicks down. Then all three shuffle off to a private playroom where they strip down and engage in a more vigorous 3-man exercise sucking cock and eating ass. Cliff and Cole tease Conner as they jam fingers up his booby hatch making him whimper and gasp. Then Cliff lays back so Conner can suck his cock and rim his ass while Cole is behind fucking the civilian’s hole. Soon it’s all hands on deck as they line up for a daisy-chain fucking with Cole in the lead, Conner in the middle and Cliff taking up the rear. The men rock back and forth generating enough sexual heat that leaves them wanting even more. Cliff multi-tasks as he fucks Cole while sucking Conner off. More rimming, more intense fucking and even more cocksucking follow until all three finally blast their wads.





Cliff Jensen & Hunter Vance @ CircleJerkBoys

Have we got a hot episode in the making this week on as we welcome back Hunter Vance. Hunter couldn’t have come at a better time as we introduce recent discovery Cliff Jensen to the site. Cliff is chillin with Hunter and tells him it’s been hard to deal with the cast on his broken arm. Cliff asks him to help him out of his clothes and as his shorts come off Hunter notices Cliff does need help—on his growing dick. Cliff is throbbing by the time Hunter goes down on him. He sucks on his thick cock finally giving Cliff the relief he’s needed. Cliff groans as he helps bob Hunter’s head on his cock. Hunter then stands to kiss Cliff a bit before sitting back on the couch to give Cliff access to his aching cock. Hunter can only moan with pleasure as Cliff deep throats every inch of his cock with ease. Someone’s done this before. “Your mouth feels so good” coos Hunter seconds before he gets up and bends over on the weight bench. Cliff fingers that smoot! h hole getting Hunter horny for his thick dick. Hunter grimaces as Cliff starts sliding his thick 8 1/2” cock deep inside his tight ass. “Oh my God, that dick’s SO big” grunts Hunter as Cliff starts giving him the dick he needs. Cliff latches onto Hunter’s broad shoulders as he starts to impale him even deeper. Cliff then sits back on the couch as Hunter sits on his cock in a reverse cowgirl position. Cliff then moves to the floor so that Hunter can squat right back down on that dick. Hunter is in ecstasy as Cliff fills that tight ass up. Cliff’s cock is hitting Hunter in all the right spots and it doesn’t take too long before Hunter is on the verge of creamin. Hunter explodes all over his cock as volley after volley of thick jizz fly up into the air and splatter back all over it. Cliff isn’t far behind and once Hunter’s done he too jerks his cock off all over his defined frame.

Cliff Jensen Fucks Micah Andrews @ DominicFord

Cliff Jensen Fucks Micah Andrews @ DominicFord Cliff Jensen Fucks Micah Andrews @ DominicFord Cliff Jensen Fucks Micah Andrews @ DominicFord Cliff Jensen Fucks Micah Andrews @ DominicFord Cliff Jensen Fucks Micah Andrews @ DominicFord

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Note from DominicFord:

Introducing newcomer Cliff Jensen! This scene is the very first that Cliff has ever shot. We figured to break him in, we’d pair him with power bottom Micah Andrews. Cliff has a gigantic cock (and it is uniformly thick throughout it’s entire length). Even Micah had a hard time taking at first. Cliff did a pretty good job for his first scene, though you can tell he is nervous and not really sure how aggressive he can be. Micah helps him out in that regard. By the time the scene ends, Cliff is pounding the shit out of him!